“The Unexpected” Main Characters and the Hurdles They Face

One of the things I like about a story’s plot is that it shouldn’t arise out of one of the characters doing something stupid or illogical. Unfortunate or challenging circumstances can arise naturally and force the characters to respond in unique and interesting and exciting ways to generate a believable plot. In The Unexpected such situations frequently arise because the team is taking on an extremely challenging cause the full nature of which can’t be anticipated ahead of time.  The first main challenge they must face is the need for money, lots of money. A major expedition to explore a cave with a world-record-setting deep pit located in a remote part of the world is expensive, more expensive than any of the individuals could afford on their own or collectively. So, the first task was to find a funding source.  This was done by inviting Scott Mueller to join the team and use money from his grandfather’s foundation to finance the effort.  The next show-stopping hurdle to rear its ugly head was the unusual and unnatural nature of the walls in the cave. They were glassy slick, and none of the crew had rock climbing skills sufficiently adept to lead the climbing assault into the cave. To overcome this showstopper, they had to find someone with the requisite skills and convince them to join the team.  That was why Spider and Bufford were added to the team.  The next showstopper came when they observed that the entire Churun River poured into the abyss, leaving no dry place to rig the pit. As everyone who has ever rappelled into a deep pit in a cave knows, you don’t rig your rope near the waterfall. In this case, it was more than a waterfall, it was a raging torrent, and there was no way to pause or redirect the water. This meant that rappelling into the pit was no longer an option. Hence, the show was over unless a different method of descent could be devised. A little bit of Alabama engineering and innovation was applied to find a solution. The story of The Unexpected continues with potential show-stopping obstacles arising at every turn, and each obstacle requires that the team rise to the occasion with innovative solutions.

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