The Main Characters in “The Unexpected”

I guess that this is a question that every author of a fiction story gets asked: Are your characters based on real people that you know, or are they made up? For me, that is an easy question. They are made up based upon characteristics and personality traits of people I have known, met, heard about, seen, or read about. My characters are fictional people.

Well, one of my friends asked, “What about Spider, is she real or made up?” While Spider is probably my most colorful character, I told him that she is made up. However, back in the days when I was rock climbing, there were a few girls that were amazing, but today, the sport is much more popular and there are a lot more women involved. There are contests; there are indoor training facilities with challenging walls and boulder problems; there are much-improved equipment and refined techniques. Nowadays, if you check out some of the climbing magazines and YouTube videos that are being posted, you will see a lot of young women that could easily give a gecko a run for the money. Today, there are a lot of amazing young women rock climbers.

Regarding my other characters, and frankly, I like them all, they are all fictional. I will admit that some of them may remind you of one or more real-life cavers, especially if you know some of the old-timers. But, any resemblance to real persons is entirely coincidental.

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